This blog is dedicated to bring the Blob back into the X-Men comics as the lovable mutant he was before the mutant disaster known as M-Day. If enough fans write angry letters to Marvel Comics then they can not ignore the will of the fans.

Friday, July 25, 2008


"Beware the BLOB!" warns the cover of X-Men #3. But no one knew that a legacy would unfold in those mere 24 pages that followed. For you see the Blob is quite possibly the greatest villain the X-Men have ever encountered because he is unmovable. Not even Colossus can move the Blob.

The Blob may be a villain to the X-Men but he is a symbol of hope for people battling obesity. He showed the world that being overweight can be empowering. I was a husky child from grade school and throughout high school and felt the sting of my classmates's insults. I escaped through comic books and will never forget that fateful day when I picked up X-Men #3. This blog is dedicated to others like me who discovered themselves through the Blob.

Sadly, however, the Blob lost his powers as a result of M-Day, when the Scarlett Witch (a name fit for a cheap whore) depowered 90% of the mutant population. The Blob lost his powers but not the huge mass of skin. So he's kind of like a huge pile of skin or a skin pudding. It's a sick and warped thing to do to such a beloved character.

My rage was only inflamed more when I recently read X-Men #500, where we learn the Blob is now a fitness guru who is very popular in Japan. That's like making Gambit an high school English teacher or transforming Professor X into a basketball player.

I'm calling all my fellow Blob fans to rise up and write angry letters to the upper management of Marvel Comics. I will soon put together a petition so that we can return the Blob to his rightful place.